We have worked closely with consulting firms and with the professional services divisions of software companies. Here are some of the real life problems that such firms or divisions can have. CONVENDIA is well suited to working out the likely cost or opportunity to the firm of such events :

a) A professional services company has 200 projects underway of which 50 are related to a major regulatory change in the insurance industry. How would revenue and cash be affected if the regulation were suddenly delayed by 6 months ?

b) A professional services company operating in Asia is under pressure always to offer fixed price deals. How can it protect itself with very detailed analysis to justify subsequent additional costs when these are due to client factors outside its control ?

c) A project started with a certain revenue expectation. Good account management has made this a deeper and more valuable relationship. How can we quantify what we expected up front when the deal was signed versus what actually happened ? Was this for good reasons which deepen the client relationship, or was it for the wrong reasons that the project overran ? If it overran was it because of the man days being underestimated or was it because the client kept changing the requirements ?



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