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CONVENDIA was created to meet the need by every company to have up to date financial information, not just historic but forecast. So many senior people in companies spend considerable time and therefore money reconciling spreadsheets and systems, when ultimately much of this time is unproductive. CONVENDIA greatly cuts down the need for this, and gives an instant real time view of forecast cash flow and recognized revenue, with very flexible reporting to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. These stakeholders could include…

  • CEO and Board needing an accurate view of the performance and value of various divisions or products or projects
  • CFO wanting to give good financial information to the CEO, Board and investors
  • Sales Director holding regular meetings with his reports and reconciling for each one or for which group how and why their forecasts have changed
  • Professional Services Director needing an accurate view of how the revenue and cash profiles of all projects or programs have changed and whether this is for good or bad reasons 
  • Salesman having a deeper view of his own pipeline in conjunction with his CRM system, and viewing the same information on his deals that is provided to senior management
  • Project Management team needing an accurate view of how the revenue and cash profiles of their own projects or programs have changed and whether this is for good or bad reasons 
  • Engineering Team viewing the cash and revenue/cost forecast of projects they are involved in

CONVENDIA is a very powerful and easy to use solution. It can integrate with widely used CRM systems like and Microsoft Dynamics.

Interested to hear more….then please feel free to watch a short introductory overview from John Wisbey, our CEO and founder below, and if you like to hear more details on the product, be sure to watch our CTO interview.

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