CEOs and the boards to whom they report have a difficult task. On the one hand, the CEO is accountable for everything that the company does, including its financial results, whilst on the other, there are constant calls on his or her time other than financial reporting. Investors look for forecasts to be reliable, so it is crucial that a business develops effective forecasting methodologies. Here are just some ways CONVENDIA helps the CEO:

  • ‘What-ifs’ and various other scenarios can be modelled to see long term effects
  • Reduction of subjectivity (by basing forecasts on objective data in your systems)
  • Revenue recognition can be monitored to ensure compliance with regulation.

CONVENDIA Revenue Modeller has been engineered to allow a CEO to save time and utilise more accurate cash flow forecasting and revenue recognition information at the press of a button. Moreover, it sets a common language that can be used within an organisation. The CEO can have a review meeting with his departmental directors using the same information that they see and use in their own systems (such as CRM or Accounting GL). The board will see reports based on this same real-time information.

This means meetings can be shorter and of higher calibre than when the information has to be discovered or custom prepared. Production of board members’ reports can be automated, saving further time and allowing directors to read them properly prior to the event, ensuring the meeting is more beneficial because:

  • Analysis is fact based, reliable and automated. Less guessing, less fudging.
  • Higher accuracy/reliability in projections makes cash and funding more obtainable
  • CONVENDIA is fully compliant with local regulators and governing bodies.
  • It saves time (the one thing you cannot buy more of).

If a firm is able to cultivate a reputation for accurate forecasting, it is deemed a safer investment, opening it to a larger pool of potential investors and analysts. CONVENDIA offers wider investment choices to a private company and stimulates a high share price for a public firm through lower reputation risk and better consistency of forecasts.

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