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Our value proposition is simple: CONVENDIA  Revenue Modeller helps you forecast cash and recognised revenue better, allows you to enable greater transparency of what was achieved versus what was promised, and creates value through allowing your financial decisions and forecasting to be based on better and more objective information.

Revenue Modeller has extremely rich functionality. It is a tool that has considerable use both at CEO and CFO level, but also at Sales Director, Professional Services Director, Project Director, Salesman and Consultant levels. Imagine being able to do all the following at the press of a button :

  1. The CEO and CFO get real time notifications every time that the Sales Director approves a change to the value of a sales opportunity that has changed the Revenue or EPS forecasts for the current or following financial year by more than a chosen threshold.
  2. The Sales Director has a regular meeting with his or her sales team and as input into that meeting wants a detailed analysis at the press of a button of how the salesperson’s pipeline has changed since the last meeting, why by deal, and what difference this makes to the overall past and projected firm sales achievement, and to cash generation and revenue recognition in the next year.
  3. A Salesman attending the same meeting can know what the Sales Director is going to have as information, and can prepare well for the meeting. He or she can also work out what commission is likely to get paid under the commission plan when.
  4. The Professional Services Director can have a very complete financial view of the revenue and cost of all of his or her projects, and can see whether changes were caused by the right reasons like increased scope or new regulations, or the wrong reasons like slippage, client issues or regulatory deadlines being moved out.
  5. A bank or large corporation is constantly looking at a buy versus build decision and can have great automated reports on an ongoing basis about whether its internal projects look like being capable of delivering to budget and, if not, by how much they will overrun.
  6. Board submissions of reporting on deals and pipeline and forecasts can largely be automated - and can be pulled down in real time not just once a month for board meetings.

Interested to hear more….then please feel free to watch a short introductory overview from Nick Davies, our CTO and founder below, who will provide details on some of the key features of Revenue Modeller and the benefits using the product will deliver to your organisation and if you like to hear more details about our organisation and what we do, be sure to watch our CEO interview.

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