Our story…

The leadership of most companies normally includes a mixture of some people who are expert in the domain in which the company operates, others who are financially astute, and ideally some who are both.

However many companies, even those with the most talented senior management teams, struggle to join this all up in a logical and consistent way to allow them to make decisions that are as financially smart as they could be. It is simply very difficult to put together the cash flow, revenue recognition and shareholder value implications of a company’s operations on a forward looking as well as historical basis, and so it is not surprising that many management teams operate in more of a financial fog than they would like.

CONVENDIA makes this far easier by allowing an organisation to obtain information, analyse and present it systematically, conduct scenario analysis around it, and make decisions in a much more joined up way. This applies to companies in almost every sector, both large and small. The Solutions section of this website has several examples or case studies to illustrate the point.

All the above, and the related case studies, provide the reason why we founded CONVENDIA  !  Our founders and key stakeholders have experienced these issues at first hand and wished at the time that they had better tools to help them and avoid the time that had to be wasted because they didn’t have them. Now CONVENDIA can help other talented people in a similar position, saving them considerable time and allowing them to add more value to their firms by focusing on what they are best at.

Our value proposition is simple : CONVENDIA  helps you forecast cash and recognised revenue better, allows you to enable greater transparency of what was achieved versus what was promised, and creates value through allowing your financial decisions and forecasting to be based on better and more objective information.


Like to learn more about how we can help ...provide CxO's accurate financials at the touch of a button| ...provide full cash and revenue implications of changes to deals in your sales pipeline | ...lift corporate financial fog to enable better strategic decisions | …provide fully automated cashflow and revenue forecasting | …reduce manual risk and operational inefficiency in consolidating data | ...you achieve transparency of financial information to key stakeholders | …spend less time on revenue forecasting data in spreadsheets | …provide accurate, real time revenue financials at the touch of a button| ...speak a common language on sales and cash through your organisation | ...improve visibility of achieving sales targets of the sales pipeline | ...make your meetings on revenue shorter and more focused | ...de-risk project change management impacts on corporate financials | ...value your project revenue streams | …model internal and external environment factors to predict the future