Revenue Modeller


The problem we have tried to solve

  • Predicting cash and recognised revenue is hard, and can take days of retuning spreadsheets or system inputs
  • Management need to understand the cash and revenue implications of deals in the pipeline
  • Every company faces uncertainty of cashflow
  • Deals need to close – but when and is there a discount to get the deal ?
  • There are multiple deal types. Licence, Rental, SaaS, user or agreement based
  • Projects can and often do change
  • Projects need to reach payment milestones
  • Customers need to pay
  • All the above also affect recognized revenue. Cash is not EBITDA or P&L
  • Need to be able to understand “What Ifs” quickly without days of iteration and get very quick updates on implication of changes to expectations

Problems often faced by CEO’s

  • CEO’s want to concentrate on client and product strategy with excellent financial analytics to back them up. But instead often they have to spend far too much time on financial projections – a highly iterative and labour intensive process.
  • Deals were entered into Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, but that was only a fraction of the problem. The real issue was “What If” and “What if not”
  • CEO’s want to know what the cash and rev rec implications were from closing (or not closing) deals expected in the current quarter or FY
  • CEO’s want to understand the financial implications of projects slipping owing to change in scope or regulatory delay.
  • They often would like to be able to form a view themselves outside of the opinion of Sales Operations or even Finance
  • They would like better analysis of WHY projections had changed from x months before
  • Because it wasn’t automated it always took too long and was hard to nail down.
  • This problem wasn’t unique to any one company – it is clear that it exists in many organisations

CONVENDIA® – we couldn’t find the solution so we built the best one !

  • CONVENDIA® was started in 2016 to solve all these problems
  • Designed to create a Common Language or Lingua Franca between CEO and CFO, CEO/CFO and Sales, CEO/CFO and Professional Services, Sales Director and Salesperson
  • Manages data across both sales pipeline and project execution with inbuilt change management
  • Multi-currency, multi-legal entity, the solution can scale for business size and complexity
  • Web based and can be used at HQ, globally or locally
  • Reports can be generated on a highly automated basis
  • Highly operationally efficient, with considerable time savings possible as well as greater speed of getting information almost instantaneously

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