Changes are inevitable in any business environment. What was known yesterday, is not necessarily how today looks, or how tomorrow will be. Regardless of how well you understood the project at the point that it was sold, changes will invariably occur. From agreed changes in scope, to delays in deliveries to clients, change can be both positive and negative to revenue. The question is, when and how will this impact the cashflow and revenue recognition.

CONVENDIA has been built with a view to assisting Project Managers to recognise the implications of these changes to the overall financials of a project, here are just some of the ways it does this:

  • ‘What-ifs’ and changes can be modelled to see their long-term impact to a project
  • Reduction of subjectivity by allowing decisions and forecasts to be backed up
  • Projects can be overseen by in real-time, lessening the need for micromanagement

The user-friendly interface enables you to see all the invoices with their milestones, and where consultancy is provided you can see both current and forward-looking cash-flows. As change occurs, the project manager is able to reflect those changes into each project, while automatically notify all interested parties. CONVENDIA automates the process of modelling change, enabling project managers to focus on more important and productive tasks. Whether this is a delay in a milestone to another quarter, reduction of consultancy effort, or the addition of bespoke work that increases revenue, CONVENDIA leverages its features so that as change occurs the impacts are understood by everybody real-time. Here are some of the ways CONVENDIA clients achieve this:

  • Analysis is fact based, reliable and automated Less guessing, less fudging
  • Accurate and reliable projections make meeting deadlines and budgets easier
  • It saves time (the one thing you cannot buy more of)

No more out of date financials, no more consolidation, no more aggregation and no more delays in understanding what will happen to this period’s revenue. CONVENDIA helps you to take control of your projects and understand how the dynamics of change can be fully anticipated and mitigated.

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