Sales are integral to corporate cash flow and wellbeing. If any major deals slip by in a quarter, it could cause serious cash flow issues for smaller companies and investor disappointment for larger companies. Timing of sales and their related cash flow is imperative to companies of every size, a Sales Director whose team miss their targets is not in a strong position. CONVENDIA makes this far more predictable and bridges the gap between the perceived value and how much revenue will actually be recognised in that quarter. CONVENDIA can help in these ways:

  • ‘What-ifs’ can be modelled to see their long-term effects on deal value
  • Reduction of subjectivity by allowing decisions and forecasts to be backed up
  • Revenue recognition can be monitored to ensure compliance with regulation

CONVENDIA takes the sales pipeline and then works out not only the weighted pipeline, but also the cash flow resulting from it on a deal by deal basis. It then allows one to build in delays or changes to deals, either at the individual deal level or by salesperson or product, then look at the resulting impact this has on deal closure and cash flow. CONVENDIA has been engineered to make this process autonomous and user friendly, ensuring it never gets in the way of sales. Being able to model changes in deals, such as discounts or changes in scope, allows salespeople to view the impacts of their decisions on their potential commission earnings. These features can benefit sales directors because:

  • Analysis is fact based, reliable and automated. Less guessing, less fudging
  • More accurate and reliable projections make meeting targets more obtainable
  • It saves time (the one thing you cannot buy more of)

CONVENDIA allows salespeople and their management or C-Suite officers to run analysis or get reports on what the likely range of outcomes are for deals, related cash flows and revenue recognition by accounting period. Giving Sales Directors an end to end view of their progress all from one interface, providing them a better chance at meeting targets by cultivating a more accurate, realistic and reliable pipeline.

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