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Whilst we aim to ensure that nothing goes wrong, try as we might, sometimes issues occur often out of our control. In such cases when something has happened, we make it out priority to focus our efforts to ensure that we remediate the impact and provide you with assistance and answers to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Gathered below are numerous resources where you can find some answers from our growing knowledge base of articles, training videos and self-help guides, or you may connect with us via Slack to chat with us if you prefer to ask a quick question, or you raise a more formal support ticket which allows you to track progress.

For clients that need extra assurance of support, we can provided tailored Support Level Agreements design to support your particular business in terms of hours-of-support, response times, escalation, setup assistance, end user training and pro-active maintenance.

Whichever path you choose it is our aim to ensure that, even when you need assistance, you have a great experience that exceeds your  expectations.

Operational Status

We’ve just checked our cloud infrastructure and application system and our current status is:

 All Systems Operational

Knowledge Base

If you have a query, try our knowledge base for a list of articles on the applications.   You can find self-help topics on how to purchase, configure, integrate, administrate, add users along with articles that cover many of the features in the application.   View it now...

System Status

Think something isn’t working as you would expect?   No problem; you can check the health of our application and cloud services by visiting our system status page.   If there’s an issue you will find it here and you can also subscribe to keep updated.

Client Portal

If you still have a problem and want more formal assistance, then we’re here to help you quickly remediate your problem. You can raise new tickets and get status and progress updates of your existing tickets via our dedicated Client Portal.   To register or access, click here.

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Want to talk to a person now…we understand sometimes all you want is a quick answer to a quick question!    So don’t be shy, connect to us and we will answer in a jiffy.   Just click that white speech bubble in the blue icon at the bottom right.   There - now wasn’t that quick!

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