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With our prior extensive experience that we draw upon in creating and implementing enterprise solutions for some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 organisations, and our own personal experiences of using software, when we decided to create the technology platform and application architecture for CONVENDIA we knew we wanted something extraordinary that could help support the vision and deliver transformational value to our clients.

The choice of technology and tools we use is key to the experience which we aim to deliver our clients.  Our passion for wanting our clients to have a truly stunning experience that exceeds expectations in using the application required us to think about not only the application features, or the user interface, but also about

  • how our own development processes cover our software delivery lifecycle methodology
  • how we create processes and leverage tools that lead to successful deliveries that interface with our technology platform in both an incremental and iterative way
  • how that supports quality, security, scalability and resiliency that align with and exceed the expectations of our clients in terms of non-functional requirements around trust, integrity, stability and quality.

By using advanced techniques in Agile based delivery approaches together with strong continual integration and continual delivery disciplines across multiple staging environments, with automated code quality checks and feature test cases, we have created both a next-generation technology platform and an industry leading internal software development methodology that enables us to deploy quickly and safely, putting security and quality first and foremost.

From the outset, we wanted to create an application which is accessible quickly, requires very little training, has little risk in terms of deployment and is available globally in multiple languages.  With this in mind we have created a stable micro-service platform with rich API’s to create a Cloud based platform hosted in multiple Amazon AWS availability zones controlled by Kubernetes which ensures stability and scalability as demand from our users increases, and uses some of the world’s leading open source libraries which means that they are already battle-tested and hardened for resiliency.

Within CONVENDIA we have an amazing talented array of extraordinary talented technology individuals across different disciplines and it’s a fundamental passion to everybody, indeed in the DNA of our entire technology organisation, that we build the right product and build the product right.

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