If you were able to look at us with a microscope and look deep into the “stuff” that makes us up, some of those things in our DNA would be the topics listed below - you can’t always see it with the naked eye, but it is part of our heritage, it shapes the way we think, the way we operate, the way we interact with our clients and how  we build the products our clients will use.  We want our clients to be satisfied without exception and to act as reference clients, and so ultimately it impacts our future…..




At CONVENDIA, we believe that trust is at the core of a client relationship. Our corporate ethics mean that we will never misuse your data, and we will do all in our power to keep it safe.  We understand that TRUST is hard earned, yet so easily lost, so we put in extra effort to make sure you will never feel like you misplaced your trust with us. After all we’re in the business of selling amazing software and no matter how good our product or supporting marketing may be, the best adverts will always be our trusted clients and their amazing stories.




We observe all required compliance standards in the countries in which we operate, and we go beyond this where we feel we have a special duty of care to our customers.  In short we treat your data as carefully as you would rightfully expect, and no less carefully than we would expect our own data to be treated.  We want you to have a great experience with CONVENDIA and part of that means removing the obvious questions that would otherwise create friction and concern for our clients.



Security is a much used phrase. Some security is obvious such as  the  use of encryption but in today’s world of connected computer and cloud technologies, the way you approach building an application can be just as important to the security of the application. From our choice of partners such as the Gartner Quadrant Industry Leading AWS and Mongo, to the techniques deployed in the methodologies of how we construct throwaway build environments to prevent malware, to our continuous delivery approach to constantly security checking our components and frameworks for security threats. Every step is meticulously checked to ensure minimal risk and maximum benefit. After all, if we can’t trust it, then why should we expect you to ?


We aim to built quality into everything we do.  We do not build quality into the product at the end, since such efforts are usually not as constructive or effective, but instead we think about what problem we’re trying to solve, what experience we are trying to create and how our users are expected to use the system. With this in mind we start our Quality Process right at the inception of everything we do.  Where we get things wrong we don’t leave these as mistakes or arrogantly continue down the same path to fall into another pot-hole again later down the road, instead we turn the experience into valuable learning lessons that accelerate us forward in a new direction with even greater confidence that our product is built on a quality foundation.  We are as smart as anyone in the industry at working together collaboratively towards a common  objective for our clients.

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